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Our Story
Our Vaues
Our Values

We're all about discovering God together through Scripture. Every year, InterVarsity trains thousands of college students from every background to lead engaging and transformational Bible studies. We’ve been at it for a long time, and over the years we’ve discovered a tremendous secret that makes it possible for someone with even limited training to lead powerful Bible studies. Find general info on leading InterVarsity Bible studies at If you'd like to lead a Bible study on campus in Louisiana, get the Bible Study in a Box!


We believe Jesus is God and in him is life to the fullest. We are a community that calls our friends to follow Him. We will teach you how to winsomely and relationally talk about your faith and help those around you on campus to consider and follow Jesus. (Romans 10:14))


We desire to be a community of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds reflecting the fullness of God's Kingdom and campus population. Our ministry will teach you to more fully value and understand your ethnic identity as well as how to reach out to and make space for those from different cultures and backgrounds. (Revelation 7:9)

Our Story

We felt settled in Los Angeles. We'd spent 7 years starting Greek InterVarsity (Fraternity/Sorority) ministries across Greater Los Angeles and had raised up several solid young leaders. But we live a life on mission and know God can call at any minute into a new direction.


In 2017, we got call from one of the Vice Presidents of InterVarsity asking us if we would consider moving to Louisiana to restart the campus ministry work there. “You have got to be kidding me!?” was our response! We had never been to Louisiana and, to be honest, weren’t that excited to visit either.


But once we visited, we saw the need right away – hello New Orleans - and felt drawn to this huge vision of planting ministry across the state of Louisiana! We met two incredible people, Dr. John Schellack and Valerie Gastinel who were part of InterVarsity in Louisiana back in the 1970s! Both of them talked about their wonderful experiences with InterVarsity on campus and asked us if we’d come back and restart it. Valerie was especially convincing as she shared, “I have been praying for 40 years for InterVarsity to come back to Baton Rouge!”


So, in May of 2018 we moved out here with our three kids and started working on several campuses that Fall. We are just getting started and we’d love your partnership!


We hope you join us,


Beau & Kristina Crosetto

InterVarsity Louisiana Directors

Beau and Kristina both graduated from Wheaton College with a M.A. in intercultural studies with an emphasis in evangelism and leadership. Beau is the author of “Beyond Awkward” and loves helping people learn to talk about Jesus in, well, non-awkward ways. Learn more at

Strategic Focus
For Louisiana

We long to see students from all backgrounds leading in every corner of campus. Even so, in this season we've noticed a huge need for campus ministries in Louisiana that cater specifically to two important populations: Black & African American students, and Fraternity & Sorority Students. Much of our energy in the next few years will go toward launching ministry among these student populations.


That said, we are always open to any student who wants to reach any corner of their campus! Check out a full list of InterVarsity resources for various ethnicities and interests on campus.

Black Campus Ministries

InterVarsity Black Campus Ministries (BCM) is committed to reaching black students and faculty at majority institutions and historically black colleges/universities nationwide, ministering to the unique needs of the community and laboring to develop extraordinary Black Christian leaders and world changers. Through our growing campus ministries, involvement in global and urban missions, through our pursuit of God in our fields of study and research, we hope to see the name of Christ spread and exalted among the these young people who will become the next leaders of our communities and beyond.

Fraternity & Sorority Ministry

Welcome to the intersection of faith & Greek life. Greek InterVarsity exists to bring together the best of life in your fraternity/sorority with the best of following Jesus. From resources for ministry to stories from fellow Greeks, Greek InterVarsity offers many ways to learn about how to live as a Christian in the Greek system.

What is InterVarsity?

InterVarsity is a vibrant campus ministry that establishes and advances witnessing communities of students and faculty at colleges and universities across the U.S. with chapters  on more than 700 campuses nationwide. For over 75 years, InterVarsity has had a vital presence on hundreds of college campuses, courageously proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Savior, engaging in discipleship around Scripture, and loving people of every ethnicity and culture. We feel called to reach every corner of every campus with the real hope of Christ, inviting students and faculty to follow Jesus with their whole lives.

What is InterVarsity?
Meet Our Coaches

Thinking about leading on campus? We've got you! As your coaches, we will be in your corner, meeting with you regularly to prep your weekly Bible studies, training you in evangelism skills, helping you work through challenges, and helping you see the broader picture of what God is doing through you on campus! We believe you are the best person to reach your friends with the good news of Jesus, and we can help.

Beau Crosetto


Beau graduated from University of San Diego where he came to faith through InterVarsity. He has led ministry at San Diego State University, as well as a number of campuses across greater Los Angeles. Beau and his wife Kristina now live in Prairieville and direct the InterVarsity Louisiana movement.

Alli Williams


Alli graduated from Pepperdine University where she helped launch a Greek InterVarsity chapter ministry in her sorority. She is serving at LSU reaching fraternity and sororities. Fun fact: Alli spent part of her childhood growing up in Australia!

Valerie Gastinel


Valerie joined InterVarsity at LSU in the 70's and then transferred to UL-Lafayette (formerly University of South Louisiana) to plant InterVarsity there as a student. She has been praying for InterVarsity to return to Louisiana for years! Valerie currently focuses on caring for international
students at LSU.

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Zack Johnson


Zack grew up near Nachitoches, LA and graduated from Northwestern State! He helps lead our Collegiate, Black & Christian ministry in New Orleans while also attending seminary at NOBTS. Zack loves building friendships with students and helping them learn how to reconnect with their faith in college.

Ryan Mercer


Ryan graduated from the University of Illinois and has served with InterVarsity for 10 years in Indiana, Illinois and now Louisiana. He lives in Opelousas and in addition to coaching leaders at nearby campuses, directs media, web and printing for InterVarsity Louisiana.

Raynell Hernandez


Raynell got involved with InterVarsity as a student at River Parishes Community College. She now serves in the administration at RPCC and volunteers her time to lead InterVarsity on campus there. She and her husband have 4 wonderful children!

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Mervian Smith


Mervian came to faith as a student through InterVarsity at Southeastern! After serving on the student leadership team there, she joined the InterVarsity Louisiana staff team. Mervian serves in New Orleans helping lead our Collegiate, Black & Christian ministry while attending seminary at NOBTS. Mervian is passionate about discipleship and helping students get deeply rooted in Jesus!

Veren Aben


Veren graduated from Albion College in Michigan. After serving with InterVarsity for a few years in Michigan, she felt God's call to move to Louisiana and lead the Collegiate Black & Christian ministry at Southeastern Louisiana University! Veren grew up in Nigeria and loves helping students experience Jesus through scripture.

Kristina Crosetto


Kristina renewed her faith in college through InterVarsity at the University of San Diego and started a Bible study with her sorority sisters as a student. She has led ministry at numerous schools in Southern California. Kristina and Beau moved to Louisiana in 2018 to replant InterVarsity across the state.

Faith Carmouche


Faith grew up in Gonzalez, LA and got involved with InterVarsity as a student at River Parishes Community College. After earning her degree from Western Governer's University, she joined the InterVarsity Louisiana team to reach students at LSU! Faith loves helping students meet Jesus in worship and prayer.


What We Believe


The only true God, the almighty Creator of all things,
existing eternally in three persons
Father; Son; and Holy Spirit; full of love and glory.

The unique divine inspiration,
entire trustworthiness,
and authority of the Bible.

The value and dignity of all people:
created in God’s image to live in love and holiness,
but alienated from God and each other because of our sin and guilt,
and justly subject to God’s wrath.

Jesus Christ, fully human and fully divine,
who lived as a perfect example,
who assumed the judgment due sinners by dying in our place,
and who was bodily raised from the dead and ascended as Savior and Lord.

Justification by God’s grace to all who repent
and put their faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

The indwelling presence and transforming power of the Holy Spirit,
who gives to all believers a new life and a new calling to obedient service.

The unity of all believers in Jesus Christ,
manifest in worshiping and witnessing churches
making disciples throughout the world.

The victorious reign and future personal return of Jesus Christ,
who will judge all people with justice and mercy,
giving over the unrepentant to eternal condemnation
but receiving the redeemed into eternal life.

To God be glory forever.


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