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Our Story

Do you have a passion for reaching college students with the gospel?

Several years ago there was no Intervarsity ministry happening in Louisiana. Each member of our staff team heard a clear call from God to uproot our lives, move to Louisiana from across the country, and pursue the mission of replanting InterVarsity across the state! It's been an amazing journey so far and we hope that you'll prayerfully consider joining our staff team!

In our time here, we're seeing huge needs - many who are dealing with depression and loneliness, many who are trying to heal from trauma and abuse. There are countless students who have grown up in church but know very little about scripture or what it means to have a real relationship with Jesus. We believe there's an incredible harvest in Louisiana and we're asking the Lord to send more workers!


We hope you join us!

The InterVarsity Louisiana Staff Team


Our Mission:

38 Campuses in Louisiana

Strategic Focus
For Louisiana


We long to see students from all backgrounds leading in every corner of campus. Even so, in this season we've noticed a huge need for campus ministries in Louisiana that cater specifically to two important populations: Black & African American students, and Fraternity & Sorority students. Much of our energy in the next few years will go toward launching ministry among these student populations.

Black Students

There are 30,000 Black college students in Louisiana, yet very few ministries are reaching them! In our first couple years of planting, we're finding many Black students who are hungry to encounter Jesus in scripture and to find authentic Christian community. Additionally, New Orleans and Baton Rouge are significant majority-Black cities. There are 6 HBCUs where we would love to see InterVarsity planted, as well as 14 other schools with large Black student populations.

Greek Students

Greek life is big in Louisiana, but there are very few people trying to reach this corner of campus. We've seen amazing growth planting Greek ministry at LSU and would love to see staff join our team who can help us reach the other 11 campuses in Louisiana with Greek systems.


Why Join InterVarsity Staff?

What is InterVarsity?

Positions Available

Campus Intern

The Campus Intern position is geared toward recent graduates who would like to explore a career with InterVarsity! During this one-year program, you'll receive hands on experience doing ministry with students on campus, as well as training from veteran InterVarsity staff. You'll gain experience with discipling students, evangelism, planting ministries, teaching & training, and caring for students holistically. Your intern year is a great way to decide if you'd like to join InterVarsity staff full-time or can serve as a stepping stone toward your career in another vocation. Hours and pay vary based on your situation and needs.

Campus Planter

We're looking for candidates with a passion for planting InterVarsity ministry on new campuses across the state. We have strategic openings at many campuses in Louisiana. Our staff team has decades of experience planting InterVarsity chapters - we would love to develop you as a planter and also learn from you and your unique gifts and experiences! This position is open to current InterVarsity staff or interns, or candidates with ministry experience who are interested in joining InterVarsity staff full time.

Campus Pastor

We're also in need of staff who are passionate about developing a few campuses that have already been planted - specifically focusing on pastoring and shepherding students and leaders. We have a lot of planters on our team, and while we want to continuing adding more, we also need staff who feel called to invest deeply with students who are eager for someone to journey through difficult areas of their life and minister to them.

City & Area Director

We've identified 5 key geographies where a city or area director with a vision for planting could make a significant impact. Currently, we are eager to raise up staff directors for New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Ruston/Grambling. We're looking for candidates with significant InterVarsity or campus ministry experience who feel energized by the challenge of catalyzing and developing ministry in areas with little or no InterVarsity ministry. 

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Our Vaues

Flexible Hours

Full Time (30-40hrs)

InterVarsity staff working 30-40hrs receive full benefits and pay. A full time position affords the greatest opportunity for your growth and development as a professional in ministry. This commitment includes raising a full ministry budget. For candidates who need help in fundraising, we have grants and support available to help you. 


Part Time (10-30hrs)

We love being able to include part-time staff on our team! Whatever your stage of life or situation demands, we are glad to find a role and commitment that fits your needs. 

Volunteer Staff

A significant portion of our ministry is run by committed volunteers and we believe volunteers will be vital to seeing every campus reached! Depending on your availability and calling, you can do many different things as a volunteer staff, including planting a campus, leading a bible study, coaching leaders or discipling students. 


Interested in Applying?

If you're interested in joining our team as an intern, staff or volunteer, just get in touch with us via email to start the process! Typically our hiring is done in February for the upcoming school year, but we are open to talking with candidates at any time to discuss your application process. 

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