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Bible Study in a Box

Have you checked out our Bible Study in a Box yet? It's designed just for college students and we're excited to coach you through how to lead the box on your campus.

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30 Days Deeper

Spending daily time getting to know God through Scripture is vital to growing in faith! Receive 30 days of Scripture readings from the Gospel of Mark straight to your inbox. Subscribe to get started!


Share Your Faith

Check out InterVarsity's best resources on how to share your faith, including training on the 5 Thresholds of Faith at

Questions About Faith

We all have questions about faith! Find helpful videos and articles that deal with challenging topics in Christianity at 

Encounter Jesus Series

These Bible studies were developed to help non-Christians seek Jesus. Each study has artistic interpretatations of each passage, as well as six simple discussion questions to ask with a friend.

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Explore Ethnic Identity

Our Beyond Colorblind video series will guide you in exploring your ethnicity, why it matters to God, and why it's essential for reaching every corner of every campus with the Gospel.

Ground Zero Series

The Ground Zero Series was written for Black students by our regional Black Campus Ministries Director. If you'd like to gather Black students on your campus or launch an HBCU Bible study, start here!

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Other Resources We Love


Beyond Awkward

The Bible Project

The Shaping of Things to Come

Beyond Colorblind

A God Sized Vision

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