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Bible Study in a Box!

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what's in the box?

The main feature of the box is the Seven Signs Bible Study Guide, walking through seven of Jesus' miracles in the Gospel of John. We've used this study with college students for many years and seen students encounter Jesus in powerful ways. Check out the first study!


The box also includes others resources to get you started, including printouts of each scripture passage for participants. And of course, there are some extras we'll keep as a surprise!

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how you'll grow
learning to love your campus

Sometimes it's hard to think of ways to show God's love to our friends on campus. We have a desire to care for our friends, but often don't know where to start. Through leading the Bible Study in a Box and weekly sessions with your coach, you'll gain practical skills and ideas for how to love your corner of campus well, building authentic relationships and learning how to share your faith genuinely. 

caring for your friends

As we invest in you through coaching and training, you'll learn how to develop others to become passionate Jesus-followers and spiritual leaders on campus. What if you not only launched a Bible study, but also developed a generation of spiritual leaders who will reach every corner of your campus?

what students are saying…

"This last year has been an awesome experience to see God just show up, and just recognize that, as much this is about leading a Bible study, it’s also about my personal experience in all this. It’s been so powerful to see what God will do with one night a week and a tiny step of faithfulness."



"Starting up with this bible study is something risky and scary to do, but I feel very encouraged with a community of people going through the same thing. And I feel a lot more prepared knowing that I’m given material that helps me through it."



"Leading on campus has been the best time of my life. I find myself praying more - praying that Jesus will move in students' lives. I am so blessed and honored to be a part of InterVarsity."



"To witness and even be a part of the planting of a Intervarsity chapter at my own university is just one of the blessings that has come since joining this organization. I have been able to connect with so many like minded individuals who are just as eager and passionate to further their relationship with God."


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